The Proprietors

Paradise Bookshop was established by Trefor John in 1992.

The bookshop was known as “The Avant Garden” for the first fifteen years of its life.

The proprietors are
Trefor John
Tina Winzar

As a lad, Trefor immersed himself in surfer and hippie sub-cultures, then community arts, adult education and an inner urban lifestyle. When he finally found time to draw breath, he realised he had become a bookseller! .

He has established four well-respected bookshops – all extant, and thriving to greater or lesser degrees. He bought some land near Daylesford twenty years ago and, when country life beckoned, that’s where he went. He had intended to ease back and enjoy the country life. Now, with a young family, a business and little projects around the block , he’s busier than ever!

Trefor is something of an accidental bookseller. Before opening his first bookshop, he had worked on a blast crew in the iron ore mines of north-western Australia and later as a craftsman, a gardener, a factory hand, a builder's labourer, a barman, a carpenter, a tutor and finally in community arts and adult education. His position as the Country Arts Liaison Officer in the Creative Arts Department of The Council of Adult Education convinced him that he didn't suit the office.

So he left to set up a bookshop.

His first bookshop was in Brunswick Street in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. Since then he has established three more bookshops and was consultant manager during the establishment of a fourth. All are extant and thriving to greater or lesser degrees.

In the early nineties he established The Avant Garden in the Central Highlands of Victoria, commuting between city and country shops. Soon after, good sense prevailed and he left the divine decadence of Fitzroy behind, vying instead for the bucolic bliss of Daylesford. With his wonderful wife and two of the most delightful children that ever graced this good earth, he considers himself a very fortunate man.

Tina's background is in mental health. After travelling a bit she returned to Oz and pursued a career path as a mental health professional.

Motherhood (and all the myriad peripheral responsibilities that go along with it) is now her raison d’etre. Between performing this full-time job and her commitments to the bookshop she enjoys food and gardening.

To use the words of the delightful Jill Dupleix, she loves to cook but not when she could be eating or drinking!